Site: International House 

Location: Ashford


A series of night-time renders of International house that display the sites lighting installation on the its facades and ground floor ceiling and columns.

photographic survey

When carrying out my photographic survey of international house, I picked up on the number of security cameras and signs around the site. This related to my narrative through my projects podium surveillance phase and gave the site a very strict and controlled feel to it, helping to put across the environment I want Waterlands mining industry to be portrayed as. Hover across each black and white image to see a small description.


 International house is a 12-storey landmark office building in Ashford totalling at 50m in height. Construction for International house started in 1972 and ended in 1974, with office blocks now having had up to 77 different companies occupying the suites at one time. Main features on each floor include CCTV, central heating, conference rooms, WC facilities, shared kitchen facilities, and allocated parking. Below are some 1:100 orthographic drawings outlining the appearance of the sites exterior and interior qualities. Select the grey arrow to the right for further drawings and detail.  


 International house consists of three elevators and two flights of stairs for internal accessibility. Externally, the main entrance features a central revolving door, along with two side doors for disabled access. The back elevation features a door that leads directly to a set of stairs, and the front elevation also features a door to the right that also leads to a second set of stairs. Below is a 1:200 exploded axonometric drawing of International house showing detail of accessibility, floor levels and companies who currently rent parts of the building. Click on the zoom buttons to see more detail. Double click to reset the zoom. 


11th floor

Ground floor


Natural England

Tony Gee and Partners LLP, International Associated Attorneys Ltd, Tracomet, Export Link International, Garrison Consulting Ltd

British Transport Police

Multiconsult UK Ltd

AECOM, Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP

H & B Meeical, Agile Business Consortium Ltd, Blossoms trading Ltd

Locate in Kent, Handelsbanken

Job Centre

10th floor

9th floor

8th floor

7th floor

6th floor

5th floor

4th floor

3rd floor

2nd floor

1st floor


Below is a GIF of a 1:4000 site map of Ashford with regard to my site location. From this we are able to see the close proximity of Ashford International train station to International house, as well as nearby road links and the main points of interest within the area. 

 Train lines
Major roads
 International House
 Ashford International Train Station
 Ashford Designer Outlet
Ashford Civic Centre

environmental CONTEXT

Below is a GIF of a 1:4000 site map of Ashford with regard to my site location. From this we are able to see the close proximity of the river Stour to International house, making it a risk to flooding. Also shown are the main areas of green space situated around Ashford. Click on the grey arrow to the right for more information on environmental context. 

 International house
 River Stour
 Green space
 Flood risk areas

ephemeral CONTEXT

Bernard Tschumi (1994) stated: “There is no space without event (…) no architecture without program”. For Tschumi, space is ‘created’ by an event taking place within it; and architectural space is defined by the activity taking place inside/in front/around – in any spatial relation with it. (Savic, 2012) Although Tschumi goes by the formula 'object-movement-event', I chose to take this concept and adapt it to 'action-location-witness'. When hovering over each image you will notice the column on the left consists of ACTIONS; movements of individuals captured around the site, LOCATION; where that action took place, and WITNESS; the infrastructure or architecture that witnessed the action. By carrying this out, I was able to gain a better understanding of the type of people who occupied the site area on a regular basis, as well as the main infrastructural/ architectural focuses and the way in which they view the action, whether it is from above looking down so the individual is unaware, or directly in front where the individual is deliberately travelling towards the witness. Select the grey arrow to the right for further ephemeral information.


Below is a 1:100 scaled model of my existing site, with the opening and closing actions displayed through a GIF. Below this are some photographs capturing the interior and exterior. Click on the grey arrow to the right to see more information on the models build process.