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In order to develop my narrative and reasoning behind design proposals, I started to create illustrations of certain points within my written narrative. This has helped strengthen the overall feeling and environment I wanted to capture for Waterland, while also making the narrative easier to understand. 

neighbourhoods and citizens

Below is a map showing the island of Waterland, which would technically be located where Ashford is currently, showing two of the countries main neighbourhoods with a small description of each. To the right are six characters of Waterland, all which include a small description on where they are from and their current situation within the country. Zoom in by clicking the grey + and - icons. Double click to reset zoom. 


I took the idea of incorporating a disease outbreak into my narrative from both todays current events of Coronavirus, and 'The Drowned World' by J G Ballard. The outbreak helped develop my narrative through knock-on effects such as the closing and reopening of the mining industry, unemployment issues, searching for supplies through mining, and strict social distancing and hygiene rules. Below is a poster that would of been advertised around Waterland, giving a short description of its origin, symptoms, prevention and treatment. 

lacertavirus symptoms.png


After the reopening of the mining industry, job application posters such as the one below would would begin to appear around the streets of Waterland. The promise of supplies for their families would entice citizens to apply, allowing the economy to gradually revive. Attached to the poster would also be the Governments Manifesto as seen below, which would outline the basic requirements needed from those applying and what they would get in return. Click on the grey arrow to the right to see more information on the manifestos development. 


When applying for a mining position, citizens are required to take a mining entrance exam which they must pass in order to become a worker. Below shows the scene I envisioned an applicant to see when taking the exam. Through this image I have attempted to display as much of the narrative within the wider context as possible to give a greater sense of what it would be like to experience this scenario. Hover over the image to view annotations. Click on the grey arrow to the right to view more information. 


by Rebels

Mining exam 

Taken on laptop



Travel Documents

with exam rules and government speech


always watching

Mining Lanyard 

given when put to work


to watch civilians

Framed Photo

of previous ruler, Julia Gillard


climbing up building

Below is a refined version of the Waterland Mining Entrance Exam, which must be taken by every mining applicant. Use the icons below to read through the exam paper. 

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