In the upcoming year I plan to continue my studies and strengthen my skills through a Masters in Architecture. During this period I hope to broaden my software use and direct my developing interests towards a certain specialised area of design. Currently my main interests that I would like to explore are the use of natural forms or the application of materials in their natural state within design, as well as the different methods of adapting a design based on its environmental and climatic location. I hope to incorporate some of this into my Masters dissertation and design project, while also combining experimental approaches to sustainability. Once I have completed my degree I may plan a short placement over the summer to make up for the current circumstances affecting our third year work placements. Within the second year of my five year plan I aim to get a job within an architecture firm preferably in London that reflects my areas of interest. I plan to remain within this firm for at least two years so I am able to gain some general experience. After this point I would either like to move onto a firm where I am able to specialise my skills and interests further, or to begin working abroad and embrace a different culture and way of adapting design. 



Below is a culmination of some of my main project work over the past 3 years at University. This work displays strengths such as my Photoshop abilities, collage creation and CAD detail, as well as some of my more developing skills that I aim to improve over time, such as model making, rendering in V-ray and experimenting with animation.